is jouw bruidswinkel failliet door corona


Eerste hulp aan gestresste bruiden


Myh oh myh!

Isn’t it ridiculous, but really?

Fortunately, our wedding company remained open during the corona circumstances, simply by being inventive with the possibilities, but many wedding company ‘s have been closed or have been closed for a long time. A bridal fashion stylist naturally comes very close to the bride to dress her and that is not possible now.

Or is it…..?


Just look at the possibilities!

I see that many wedding company entrepeneurs have made the choice to stay closed or to receive very small groups in their wedding wonderland, but .., I also notice that this special Corona time forces the entrepreneurs to think about structural solutions because the one and a half meter society is still going on.

The Coronakoker or Coronacube

Similarly, my former wedding wonderland colleagues Elma and Yvette who invented an incredibly fun stunt for their weddingcompany in Almere with the ‘Corona tube’ (also called Corona Cube) that they invented! I know Elma on a professional base from my time when I owned Wedding Wonderland years ago (WWL was a wedding company in Almere) , but when I sold my share in that wedding company a few years ago, I started my new Designer wedding dresses & OUTLET Bridal shops in Dordrecht.

A few years later, Elma started her own bridal shop in Almere together with Yvette and I really enjoyed it when I read about the Corona sleeve they came up with. The Coronacube is located s in the middle of their shop, and by making holes in the plexiglass they can still close the zipper of the wedding dresses via the Corona tube. Super witty, and very inventive!


A few months ago Omroep Flevoland filmed in their bridal shop in Almere, and WNL and Hart van Nederland were also filming their wedding company in Almere with the famous Corona tube .., a really amazing advertising stunt! Super cool girls! Elma and I had a good laugh when we recently had telephone contact about this corona cube.

(image of  filming TV shots Coronacube – Elma van Putten)


D.I.Y fittings

It really took me a few days, I was really confused by the fear of health because of Corona and the way in which I should run my wedding company.

But after I had recovered from the shock and fear about the Corona measures, I decided that there are definitely super cool possibilities, and introduced the D.I.Y. fitting sessions in my bridal shop in Dordrecht.

I myself choose not to use a Corona sleeve or Corona Cube in my wedding company .., because despite the nice idea I find the personal touch of the wedding dresses to be lost due to a large plexiglass corona sleeve (although I continue to be a great advertising stunt !) .., but I’ve decided to stay at a proper distance from my guests, give clear advice, have fun and make delicious @Cercocaffe Capuccinos for my brides & their bridal squat …

And that – in combination with the hundreds of wedding gowns that we can supply directly from stock – turns out to be an incredible hit! Because our wedding company in Dordrecht is quite spacious, as an upcoming Bride you can also bring up to 5 extra guests during your “wedding dress fitting” session!

Conditions for ‘fitting wedding dresses’ in Corona time:

# 1 – first of all it is important that you bring at least one person from your own immediate environment, someone who can come near you and who helps you put on the wedding gowns during the fitting session in our wedding company. In our bridalstore, we prefer a little more freedom of movement than when using a Corona tube. We’ll give you our professional advice & photograph and film your fitting session at an appropriate distance, so that after purchasing your Bridal Dress you have an incredibly nice visual document to look back on.
# 2 – secondly, it goes without saying that we, you and your guests are Corona – complaint-free .., we make sure we check that ourselves every day and our tailors wear a splash guard on their head for maximum freedom of movement (that works much finer than a corona cube) and a mouth mask .., this way we prevent the Corona virus from spreading during your unbelievably nice wedding dress fitting in our wedding company.
# 3 – and third – but a very important one: You and your party are incredibly excited to find your Bridal Dress in our Bridal Shop in Dordrecht! Prepare for ‘The Best Bridal Experience éver’! YAHOO !!


Prepare yourself that you will find your wedding dress immediately during the first fitting session in our bridal shop, it is always super cozy in our wedding company and with hundreds of great wedding dresses in stock, it is almost impossible not to succeed right away!

We deliver all our wedding dresses from the peg, so we have absolutely NO ORDER DELAYS for wedding dresses and make many brides incredibly happy every week because of that!

We work by appointment only, and you and your bridalsquad have the entire bridal shop for yourself for a few hours!

Stay Safe Girls!

Love, ANKii


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